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1 an unsteady uneven gait [syn: stumble, stagger]
2 a decisive defeat in a game (especially in cribbage)
3 abrupt up-and-down motion (as caused by a ship or other conveyance); "the pitching and tossing was quite exciting" [syn: pitch, pitching]
4 the act of moving forward suddenly [syn: lunge]


1 walk as if unable to control one's movements; "The drunken man staggered into the room" [syn: stagger, reel, keel, swag, careen]
2 move abruptly; "The ship suddenly lurched to the left" [syn: pitch, shift]
3 move slowly and unsteadily; "The truck lurched down the road"
4 loiter about, with no apparent aim [syn: prowl]
5 defeat by a lurch [syn: skunk]

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  1. A sudden or unsteady movement.


sudden or unsteady movement


  1. Make such a movement; stagger.

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A lurch is a staggering gait. Lurch can also refer to:

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abandon, amble, barge, bend, bent, bias, blunder, bob, bobble, bowl along, bumble, bundle, capsize, careen, career, clump, coggle, come a cropper, crook, dangle, desert, disposition, drag, droop, drop, fall, fall down, fall flat, fall headlong, fall over, fall prostrate, falter, flounce, flounder, fluctuate, flutter, foot, footslog, forsake, gait, gallop, get a cropper, halt, heave, heel, hippety-hop, hitch, hobble, hobbyhorse, hop, inclination, jilt, jog, jolt, jump, labor, librate, limp, list, lock step, lug, lumber, lunge, make heavy weather, mince, mincing steps, nutate, oscillate, pace, paddle, peg, penchant, pendulate, piaffe, piaffer, pitch, pitch and plunge, pitch and toss, plod, plunge, pound, prance, predilection, predisposition, proclivity, propensity, rack, rear, reel, resonate, rock, roll, sashay, saunter, scend, scuff, scuffle, scuttle, seethe, shake, shamble, sheer, shuffle, sidle, single-foot, skew, skip, slink, slither, slog, slouch, slowness, slue, snap, snapper, sprawl, spread-eagle, stagger, stalk, stammer, stamp, step, stomp, straddle, straggle, stride, stroll, strolling gait, struggle, strut, stumble, stump, swag, swagger, sway, swerve, swing, swinging, take a fall, take a flop, take a header, take a pratfall, take a spill, tendency, thrash about, tilt, tilter, tittup, toddle, topple, topple down, topple over, toss, toss and tumble, toss and turn, totter, traipse, tread, trip, trot, trudge, tumble, turn, turn turtle, twist, twitch, vacillate, veer, vellicate, velocity, vibrate, volutation, waddle, wag, waggle, walk, wallop, wallow, wamble, warp, wave, waver, weave, welter, whirl, wiggle, wobble, yank, yaw
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